3 Maret 2011

dialog english

trip to disneyland

nadya : "hi bella"

bella : "hi nadya, longtime no see you. are you fine?"

nadya : "yes, i am fine. how about you?"

bella : "i am fine too. you look so different now, you taller..hahaha"

nadya : "yes, i am taller now. by the way, where are you going today bella?"

bella : "really, i am so bored at home. let me think"

nadya : "do you want to go to disneyland? we can do a lot of think there"

bella : "ok, it's a good idea. i very want to go to disneyland. i think there is a beautiful place. right?"

nadya : "exactly. i am sure you'll like it. have you been there before?"

bella : "no,i havenot. thats way im so excited now. how about you?"

nadya : "i've been there with my family. we were very happy"

bella : "umm.... i cannot wait, by the way ... why don't we ask nadia and salsa to join? i think they are don't mind "

nadya : "i am agree.... call them, quick!"

bella : "i am sorry but i am forget to bring my phone, may i borrow yours?"

nadya : "it's no problem, you can borrow mine"

-------------bella calling nadia--------------------------
nadia : "hello, spada. nadia here, can i help you?"

bella : "hello nadia, it's me bella. im sorry im disturbing you...... can you connect it to salsa?"

nadia : "alright, by the way.... what's matter bella?"

bella : "ok,listen. me and nadya will go to disneyland.... do you want to follow us?"

nadia : "of course i want! i will call salsa first"

bella : "ok see you at 10am"

------------telepon disconnect-----------

-----------nadia calling salsa-------------

nadia : "hello salsa, morning. i am nadia.... i have a good news for you"

salsa : "hey nadia. what is it?"

nadia : "me, nadya and bella will go to disneyland today. do you want to join us?"

salsa : "whats? today? yeah i'd love too. when i should arrive there?"

nadia : "it's about 10am this morning.... we can go there together"

salsa : "i've to tell my mom first. i can't go without her permission"

nadia : "me too. see you"

-------------------at disneyland-----------------------

nadya : "finally, we arrive here"

bella : "oh my god... it is amazing"

nadia : "i've told you.... where are salsa and nadia?"

bella : "maybe they are on the way here......... ummmm look! there are salsa and nadia"

nadya : " woow they look very happy"

salsa : "i am sorry, we are late"

nadia : "yes, we are stuck in traffic jam"

nadya : "no problem, guys "

bella :" come on guys... lets go to the ticket locket, the ticket cost is rp150000"

nadia : "ok. let me by the ticket, wait here... where is your money?"

nadya : "i hope my money is enough"

salsa : "oh my god. where is mine? oh i sure i am forget to bring my wallet"

bella : "don't worry, you can borrow my money first"

salsa : "thank you very much bella, i hope you don't mind"

nadia : "hello ........ where are your money?"

-----take out the ticket------

nadya : "hurry up! i can't wait"

----------nadia buys ticket------------

salsa : "what will we gonna play forst?"

bella : " we can see the games in the free map from the ticket"

nadya : "today is gonna be a wonderful day!"

---------------nadia come back-----------

nadia : "huuh... lucky we are arrived earlier, it doesn't very crowded"

nadya : "guys... don't you think before we start the activity we should fill our energy first?"

bella ; " ahaha... i know what you're mean. let's go to that fried chicken restaurant"

salsa : "hey guys.... i'm i've told you i don't bring my wallet"

nadia : "that's okay..... i'll treat you"

salsa : "really? it's so kind of you nadia. thanks,thankyou"

nadya : "hahaha, bella what do you like? we can order it now"

bella : "i'd like fried chicken and mineral water"

salsa : "me too..... that's good"

nadia : "i want sandwich and orange juice please"

nadya : "these are our order"


bella : "are you guys done? we can play now"

nadia : "yes we are... so what's the first?"

nadya : "gondola! it's fun... it's beside the magic world"

nadia : "what? are you sure..... mmmm..mmmm... i am afraid of high"

bella : "are you afraid? just do it nadia!"

nadya : "we can see the whole city up"

bella : "is it the biggest gondola in the world?"

salsa : "no. its second biggest bella. after gondola in florida"

nadia: "is it the first time you go here?"

bella : "yes, it's embrassing right?"

salsa : " no, same like you. this the first time i go here either"

nadia ;" hey it's begins to move.... whoaaa"

nadya : " look! there's a beautiful blue beach"

bela : "hey there is a mountain.... there"

salsa : " we have to climb that mountain sometime"

nadia : "oh no, thanks. i choose diving in that seaa"

nadya : "look guys. it's a beautiful view... we almost done now"

salsa : "wow! it's fun, what's next?"

bella : "rollercoaster.... yeah roallercoaster!"

-------------after plays, many game------------

nadia : "that was fun! the roallercoaster, magic show and other"

nadya : "yes it is, what are we doing now?"

bella : " we have to go to the souvenir shop!"

nadia : "yes, i want to buy a doll for my sister"

salsa : "that minnimouse doll is cute!"

nadya : "i am done. there are so many cute stuff"

nadia : "so, lets go to the cashier, hey salsa just by one i'll treat you again"

salsa : "thankyou super verymuch nadia!!!"

bella : "oooooh nadia is too fine... right?hahaha"

nadia : "hey remember tomorrow we will have a test"

nadya : "right. so be quickly"

salsa : "im done. how about you guys"

bella : " me too."

nadia : "come on back to home"

nadya : "ok.bye"

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